Founder & Managing Director (MD)

Nandy is a Clinical Psychologist with over 5 years’ experience in the field of mental health assessment and intervention. She has worked directly in the areas of Mental Health, poverty reduction, economic growth and development, sport injuries and sports concussion, health and safety, power/energy, psychology, organization behaviour, democratic development; and skilled in Quantitative and Qualitative research and data analysis, psychological assessment and treatment interventions, risk assessment & management, teaching/higher education, research and project management, training, public speaking and team leadership.

She currently works as a Health and Safety Coordinator under the Ghana Compact II Power Program at Millennium Development Authority (MiDA). Prior to joining MiDA, she worked as a Teaching Assistant at Ashesi University and the University of Ghana and Clinical psychologist at Korle Bu, Sweden Ghana Medical Center (SGMC), OrpahAid Africa, Compassion Rehab and some Christian institutions in Ghana. In addition, she was a researcher for MiDA during the development of the Ghana Compct II Power Program, FIFA 11 for Health and CDD-Ghana.

Nandy has an MPhil in Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Ghana.

Nandy founded Corporate Wellness Consultancy (CWC) in 2015 and is responsible for the overall success of the organization, providing oversight for all its programs.


Programs and Media Director

Danielle Ayeh is a first year doctoral student (PHD) in the Michigan State University Rehabilitation Counselor Educator program.

As an aspiring Rehabilitation Counselor Educator, she desires to work with future mental health providers and health professionals on evidence-based practice that will inform their interactions with persons with disability. Her research interests include working with transition-aged students with disabilities, cross-cultural influences on mental health and services for students with disabilities, and training opportunities for people pursuing higher education programs at Universities in Ghana. Her long term goal is to work in higher education institutions in Ghana.

Danielle has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Calvin College. She also has a masters degree in school psychology and in rehabilitation counseling. Danielle grew up in Ghana and currently lives in Michigan, USA.


Research and Projects Director

Frederick is a PhD Candidate in the Joint PhD in Behaviour and Health between The Australian National University (ANU) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). As part of EU funded Horizon 2020 program, Frederick currently works with a consortium of experts across different fields in six EU countries (Norway, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Poland, and Denmark) to design a resilience-based intervention to promote mental wellbeing and prevent mental disorders by enhancing resilience capacities in youths, through a holistic approach addressing early adolescents, families and school staffs.

His current research investigates specificity in the profiles of adolescent and adult stressors associated with symptoms of anxiety and depression, and the effect of resilience protective resources. Follow this link to Frederick’s ResearchGate profile and Google Scholar profile. In addition to lecturing as part of his doctoral duties, Frederick aspires to work fulltime as consulting and research psychologist, advising and recommending current developments in psychopathology with special emphasis on eating disorders, anxiety and depression.


Health Intervention and Programs Lead

I had my elementary and Junior High education at UST in Kumasi. I attended Holy Child Secondary School for my Secondary education. I attended the University of Ghana and The University of Ghana Medical School for my practice as a Medical Doctor. Dr. Baffoe attended John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the USA for an MPH concentration in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Currently, she is doing internal medicine residency at Wood Hull Medical and Mental Center in New York.

I knew I wanted to help save lives as a doctor since I was 4years old. I developed interest in cardiovascular medicine while training in Medical School in Ghana and hence my leaving Ghana to USA to further my education and practice as a Medical Doctor. I have always been interested in working with the UN someday to help give back to my country. I Researched into postpartum depression amongst mothers in Ghana while in Medical School in Ghana. Dr Baffoe just finished a capstone project in depression among patients with cardiovascular disease in the USA. So Yes!! I have always been interested in mental health and its effect on the general wellbeing and productivity of individuals playing roles in the overall development of Society.


Mental Health, Assessment and Intervention Lead

Winifred is a Clinical Psychologist currently studying PhD Psychiatry in the School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle. She has a Degree and MPhil Clinical Psychology from the University of Ghana.

Her persuasion in improving mental health is aligned to Dr Brock Chisholm’s famous dictum “without mental health there can be no true physical health”. Thus, mental health is equally important as physical health and therefore should be taken seriously. Psychological health is what drives a robust and working economy and a prosperous nation.


Secretary and Administrative Assistant

Gina has a B.A in Psychology from the University of Ghana and Currently in University of Cape Coast studying Clinical Health Psychology (an MPhil Program).

Gina passion is to help people going through mental health challenges by setting up the best treatment intervention to help them back on their feet and to contribute to society. For Gina, helping people develop coping strategies for coping with stress and other mental health challenges as well as helping them have a positive self-regard in a middle income country like Ghana is key.

Nana Ama Eshun Gbormittah

Human Resource and Administration Director

Nana Ama has a Degree in Psychology from the University of Ghana and a Diploma in Human Resource Management from ICM, UK. With an interest in Industrial / Organizational Psychology and a quest to develop her Career in Human Resource, Ama has had the opportunity of working as a support staff and at the Human Resource Department of numerous Organizations. The experience so far has had an immense impact on her view of Life, People and Relationships. Her most valuable strength-LOYALTY.

Currently, She is the Managing Partner to W.A.R INK Films (a family Business) and has recently been appointed by Corporate Wellness Consultancy (CWC) as the Director Human Resource/Administration.

At CWC, Nana Ama heads the Human Resource and Administration Division. She looks forward to growing with CWC and contributing her Quota to the General Wellbeing of its Clients and Society as a whole.

Bernard Kumasenu

Mental Health Assessment And Intervention Lead/Internship Supervisor

Bernard is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with ten (10) years’ experience in the field of Mental Health; involved in Psychological Assessment, Psychotherapy and Research. He has an Mphil in Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Ghana. In addition, he has worked with some public and private institutions including NGOs in the area of Mental Health.

For Ben, Good Mental Health is one of the strongest cornerstone in developing and shaping a Nation. The development of a good mental health of a nation starts from the family as the basic unit of society.

Charlotte Amoah Saben

Mental Health Assessment And Intervention Lead/Internship Supervisor

Mrs Charlotte Amoah Saben known as Ampomah Addae has an Mphil in Clinical Psychology and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Information Studies from the University of Ghana. She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a Practicing Nurse at the Tema General Hospital

Interest in Mental Health arose during Nursing practice when I realized most patients needed more than Health and Medication treatment. Patients sometimes visit the facility because they were either stress or needs someone to share their problem and support them. Charlotte became a listening ear to some of them and later decided to pursue a course in Psychology.