Corporate Wellness Consultancy (CWC)

We are committed to helping
individuals and institutions
optimize their overall well being
and performance.



The Mind and Body is powerful together and when sound and strong can do great things and one can impact our community and the world. Helping and serving people and the society has always been our passion and what has brought us together on this journey.

We dreamt of CWC in our minds and put these ideas in our journals when we were in class, bedroom, office, church and backyard and with integrity, determination, perseverance, hardwork and "the right people on the Bus" we will serve humanity and this dream will come true and we will succeed. Its not going to be an Easy journey but it will be worth it.

Our Impact


Clients received Wellness Intervention and Support

Corporate Bodies/Institutions have implemented Workplace Wellness Interventions to support staff

Volunteers have provided support in Wellness Intervention

Professionals including Psychologists, Medical Doctors, HSE Specialists, Nurses and Psychiatric Nurses, Psychiatrists, HR and Administration Experts have provided tremendous support.